Friday, March 27, 2015

San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta

Blues and Arts Fiesta have been setting the standard for music festivals in Baja, and the premiere showcase of true Americana blues music in Baja California Mexico. Each year the fiesta raises the bar with a showcase of the best blues artists from throughout western United States and Mexico. In addition to great music, the fiesta has artist exhibiting a huge variety of fine art from jewelry and collectibles to painting and sculptures.

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Blues & Arts Fiesta History:  2005 - 2012
The original concept of the International Blues & Arts Fiesta started in 2005 by the San Felipe Blues and Arts Society, consisting of Diane Grubb, Rick Rudd and Heather Penrod; and although it's not the same event today, the foundation created by these three was solid. 

Diane Grubb had organized art shows and festivals in the States, Rick 
Rudd was an artist as well as musician, and Heather promoted music in Reno at a roadhouse bar and was on the board of the Reno Blues Society. 

In 2005 they produced their first art show at the San Felipe Storage Facility owned by the Grubb's. Rick thought a little music would be nice while people were looking at the art. No problem—he had friends that could play. 

For the next two years this group would produce their art show. In 2007, they decided to do a two-day event, and billed it as the First Annual Blues and Arts Festival. It was held at the Beachcomber Courtyard. The artists had exhibits on the street along the malecon, and inside the bar the bands would play. The bands featured were 3rd Generation, Vatos Locos, Michele Lundeen and Blues Streak, and Full Moon Blues Band.

The day of the show, the sound man failed to show up. Arturo and Tavo of 3rd Generation came to their rescue. Of course, there were others who helped—things pulled together and the event raised money for Shriners and the local community.

In 2008, The Lions Club of San Felipe took over the reigns and the Club and asked John and Rachel Pack of Baja Good Life Club to help. John and Rachel had a long history of promoting and marketing large events, and after seeing the great accomplishments of Gary Dilley and the young Lions Club—at the time, less than a year old—John and Rachel joined the Lions Club themselves; and together, they began producing what is now called the the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta.

2008 was an incredible year for the Blues, it went from a bar to the baseball field, reached out across all of Baja, Sonora, and both Southern California and Arizona to attract international artists, and featured world-class bands from the same regions. The event raised enough money to provide eye care, surgeries, and various other medical services and equipment for the San Felipe Community. 

In 2009, under new Lions President, Hal "Paco" Clark, the Lions Club, Baja Good Life Club and an army of professionals, volunteers and supporters, the Fiesta was the best year to date. They raised enough money to not only provide the medical support to the community but also help to build an orphanage for displaced and abused children. 

In 2010, Gary Dilley has once again taken the reigns of the Lions Club and now—along with new Lion's vice president Jim Moore, John and Rachel Pack of Baja Good Life Club, and nearly 200 other professionals, volunteers and supporters—presents the Fiesta you see today. The 2010 International Blues & Arts Fiesta is a showcase for some of the finest artists and best blues bands in this part of the world.

In 2011 president Jim Moore, Gary Dilley, John and Rachel Pack of Baja Good Life Club, the San Felipe Lions Club  and hundreds of other professionals, volunteers and supporters helped to organize the 5th year of the Fiesta. The 5th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta was a showcase for some of the best bands and most creative artists in the area.

In 2012 the 6th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta; with the current president Gary Dilley, John and Rachel Pack of Baja Good Life Club, the San Felipe Lions Club, and friends of the Lions volunteers and supporters are ready to promote the Blues & Arts Event again. The 6th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta is going to be hosted by 
best BLUES talent and showcase most creative ARTISTS in the area, for Blues on the Beach!