Thursday, December 30, 2010

Musician Spotlight ~ Michele Lundeen


Musician Spotlight ~ Michele Lundeen,
"The Queen of Steam" Returns to Blues & Arts Fiesta Stage

Michele Lundeen, aptly dubbed "The Queen of Steam", returns to the ocean cooled, mountain framed stage venue for the 5th Annual San Felipe International Blues & Arts Fiesta scheduled for March 26, 2011.  The premier regional fund-raising event is sponsored by the San Felipe Lions Club and promises that Michele's electrifying performance style will rock the house. The Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011 brings Michele and her incomparable style  back to the best little town in the Baja, to join returning guests, and our new musical acts who guarantee to shake things up.  Michele Lundeen is universally recognized a gifted interpreter of blues oriented songs.  And her high energy performances tell the story of songs in a deeply emotional way that hits listeners right in the gut.  Stirring vocals and her white hot stage presence visibly moves audiences everywhere.  You must experience the earthy, bluesy, robust intensity of her style and evocative voice.  Michele rivets her audiences with an artful blend of classic roadhouse rhythm & blues, jump swing, Memphis groove, sultry jazz, and rocky soul which simmers into a magical blues stew served in gigantic, satisfying portions.  Michele's signature personal connection with the live audiences is palpable too.  Humor, empathy, and that VOICE!  Michele sings from the heart with a soul-revealing intensity rarely matched today, and evokes the very best comparisons with Joplin, Midler, and Raitt.  

And Michele Lundeen's community involvement is in alignment with the reason for the Blues & Arts Fiesta productions.  Her strong belief that music can have a dynamic impact on people's lives complements the show's mission of "Changing Lives Through Music and Art".  Michele is a leader in the "Blues in Schools" workshop programs in San Diego which provide music instruction, music history presentations, and instills appreciation of the art form.  Michele's love for music impacts people all year long, and on this one very special day, March 26, 2011, the exceptional showcase of all the musical talent will be the audience's common denominator to experience the universal binding effect of music and art.  Michele sends you a personal invitation too, to come to safe, affordable, friendly San Felipe.  

Sponsored by the San Felipe Lions Club, the Blues & Arts Fiesta showcases world class musicians and the visual arts in to raise critical funding for local humanitarian work.  Local recipients include schools, medical services, eye exam clinics, the new orphanage, and more.  Funds go directly to those in need.  The energy of the musicians, artists, audience, and all our supporters hits a critical mass that day in which we celebrate the very best in all of us. You just have to experience it once and you'll be hooked.  Look for more weekly updates about the bands and artists.  Make your plans now to come to the show.    It all comes together March 26, 2011 in San Felipe, on the shimmering Sea of Cortez in the beautiful Baja.  We want YOU to be part of the party of this year. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta Musician Spotlight ~ Libre

Musician Spotlight ~ Libre

5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta is proud to announce that the spectacularly talented "Libre" joins our stage for the first time. For more than 15 years the musicians of "Libre" have been discharging a fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Latin Soul with a dash of Jazz, and topped off with Blues and Rock. The magical music mixture is a fusion of flavors which energizes every audience, and at the risk of overstatement, regularly astonishes concert goers . The Libre sound and performance chemistry is a trademark of this band, who must be heard to be believed. And the personalities of the band members just shines in one of the best collaborative efforts going around these days. Libre's powerful sound, haunting rhythms, and sophisticated delivery really must be experienced "live" to be understood. Watch
these postings for more information about "Libre".

Save this date: Saturday, March 26, 2011. On this weekend the 5th Annual International San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta will take the concert and visual arts experience to the next level. The band line up and the visual artists will make for an unforgettable experience here in safe, friendly, and affordable San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Located right on the Sea of Cortez, at the base of the color saturated mountains, the concert venue is near perfect. The line up of bands is guaranteed to be memorable. And the convergence of visual artists is unprecedented in the Baja. The San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta is sponsored by the local San Felipe Lions Club. This premier fundraising event of the season directly supports our
orphanage, vision services for children, and medical donations. And we want you at the party. Stay tuned for more...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011 Musician Spotlight - Javier Batiz

5th International Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011 ~ Musician Spotlight
Look right here for regular news about the show's musicians and artists.  This week Javier Batiz is our featured musical talent.  And showmen don't get any better than our returning friend, the world class Javier Batiz.

Master guitarist, Javier Batiz, and his red hot band, hail from Tijuana, B.C., Mexico where he still lives in the house where he was born.  As his legion of fans know, Javier doesn't play stereotypical Latin music but rather delivers a pulsing and inclusive style which just burns up the stage.   Widely known as the "Godfather of Mexican Rock", Javier has helped many other musicians get their start in the business ~~ all in the Batiz family house in Tijuana.   The legendary Carlos Santana gives credit to Javier, in print and on stage, that Batiz is the reason this Grammy Award Winning guitarist decided to play guitar!  Oozing charisma and charm, Javier Batiz' appearance at the San Felipe 2011 Blues & Arts Fiesta will mark his second appearance ~ and is back by popular demand. Local San Felipe music aficionados know that Javier also headlined a sold out fundraiser concert this past October for the Cruz Roja or local Red Cross.  By all accounts that show was over-the-top entertainment in addition to helping the San Felipe community.  So besides being a great musical entertainer, Javier is truly a man with a big heart to match that mega-watt smile and smokin' guitar. 

Save this date now:  March 26, 2011. And make your plans to attend the 5th Annual San Felipe International Blues & Arts Fiesta.  San Felipe cannot wait to host all of the fabulous musicians, artists, and our visiting guests. Come to friendly San Felipe and we know you'll have the time of your life.  

Watch for more information about all the bands and our visual artists too.
Stay tuned ...  the party is just beginning.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why does Lions Club of San Felipe produce the Blues & Arts Fiesta?

Why does  Lions Club of San Felipe produce an event like Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011?    The reason is simple.  The regional event raises money for the greater San Felipe community.  This critical funding goes directly to local humanitarian efforts suggested by community members.

This year's Lions leadership is headed by Jimmy Moore, our current president. Our Lions Club was chartered in 2007 and counts over 100 active members who actively build community by service to others.  For example, the SF Lions sponsors the new local orphanage and gives repair funding to local schools.  We distribute donated medical supplies.  We work with the various medical teams who come to San Felipe, like the Flying Samaritans.  Lions sponsored eye clinics provide exams and eyeglasses for children who have no access for corrective vision services.   We don't stop there either.  Lions don't hesitate to step up when needed.   The emergency assistance for victims of the Easter Earthquake happened within hours of the quake.

Our Club embraces cultural diversity and encourages Mexican participation and membership.  By listening to the community the local SF Lions membership truly captures the Lions international spirit because by building local relationships, we all get a better world.

So why Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011?  A great party and it is the right thing to do.