Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Steve Sherrod

Steve Sherrod aka Iron Man Steve, is a financial advisor by profession. He lives and works full time in San Felipe with clients around the world. He has always loved to work with his hands and create and build things of his own design. His iron work started as a hobby and a wonderful mental break from the financial world. During the last year, he has also taught welding and iron work to participants in Desert Mothers' Work Shops.As with many artist's media, the iron seems to play a part in what the final result is but the original design resides in the mind of the artist or the person he builds the custom work for. Let him create some work that is a reflection of YOU; phone: 686-576-0034 or email:

Artist Spotlight: Judi Anderson

Judi Anderson has been taking outdoor pictures for 30 years.  In the past she took pictures of old cabins, outhouses, mines, and mountains. Now she is focusing on the beauty of the Baja. Judi's business is called "Life's Treasures."

She says, "There are so many different ecosystems within 40 miles of SF.  It's amazing how versatile it is- waterfalls, creeks, mountains, beaches, and desert animals right in our backyards.  You just have to get out and go! I'm so enjoying it all in my new 'bumblebee' Jeep."

When not exploring, Judi also makes glass bead jewelry- mostly Swarvorsky crystal and vintage glass, is an avid reader, and enjoys her 5 grandchildren (all under 5 years old).

She packages her pictures with colorful mats that enhance every photo. The pictures are 8 x 10 and when matted fit into 11 x14 frames. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Southern California Blues on the Beaches of San Felipe Baja California

Submitted by Tom Stewart

This is the 6th year of this great San Felipe, Baja, music, and art festival and in the past two years, the event broke away from the true blues style of music, but this year its back! This year features a great San Diego lineup to performing on the beach of the beautiful Sea of Cortez, at the El Cortez Hotel and artists from around Mexico and the U.S. with a huge variety of fine art.

This is the most anticipated year for the Blues & Arts, with all these great San Diego artists performing from the young soul and blues artist, Inspired and The Sleep covering classic soul, blues and R&B with a Indi-rock twist to the true veterans of world class blues, Billy Watson, Natham James, Chet Cannon, Ric Lee, Tom Stewart, Tony Matoian, Charles Burton, and Mercedes Moore, in addition to Backwater Blues Band with special guest, plus Baja locals Coyote Mike and The Wetbacks will also be tearing up the beach stage, and all the great supporting band musicians. But, the blues don’t stop there. There will be an all-star jam at the end of the show, in addition to a pre-party on Friday and a post party on Sunday.

This festival is all about good times; the show, the music, the art, food and drink, with all the love that this great Baja community of San Felipe. They welcome all to attend this festival; they roll out the red carpet for the artists, musicians, and guests. The weather is perfect this time of year and guaranteed to be sunny and warm.

Helping to put this event together is Gary Dilley and the San Felipe Lions Club, El Cortez Hotel, John & Rachel Pack of Baja Good Life Club, Tom Stewart of Backwater Blues Band, the community of San Felipe. All proceeds go to local charities.

The sound this year is being produced and engineered by a great pro sound system and sound engineer Justin Barton of JB Soundscapes, sound engineer and technician for Dwight Yoakum; they are also the sound for the Legendary Rhythm Blues Cruise.

San Felipe is a safe, friendly, and beautiful place to visit only and is only 4-hour drive from San Diego. Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. VIP packages and hotels packages are also available. More info visit or the Baja Good Life Club at
Thanks Tom Stewart

Artist Spotlight: Merkel McLendon

Merkel McLendon doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t feel driven to create art. He expressed himself through ceramics, oil painting and now found objects. As he finds his way in the world now, the items he stumbles upon become inspiring puzzle pieces spread across a congested table waiting to be placed together, to be a part of something. 

Merkel was born in Mesa, Arizona, but spent much of his childhood in Morenci, Arizona, where his Dad worked in the copper mines. His oil paintings are a reflection of his childhood days, where the simple surroundings were miles of tailing fields and low flat mesas. This vastness of space made a great background for his surrealistic paintings.

In 2002, Merkel began to visit a very special place called San Felipe, in Baja, Mexico. This new landscape has inspired his newest media: Found Object Art. The combination of garbage strewn fields and gorgeous seascape has inspired his Found Object Fish. His fish represent the battle that it is to create art, or at least something meaningful to one’s self.

Merkel has shown his artwork from the time he was in high school until present. He has had work in the Phoenix Art Museum Student Show, Mesa Community College Student Show, Shemer Art Center Annual Exhibition, Burton Barr Gallery, Waldo’s Galleries, Phoenix First Fridays, and the Arizona Artists Guild.

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 Blues & Arts Band Lineup

  • Bayou Brothers w/ Charles Burton
  • Billy Watson and the International Silver Sting Submarine Band
  • Nathan James Band
  • Mercedes Moore Band
  • Chet Cannon and the Committee
  • Backwater Blues Band All Stars featuring  Jeannette Turner 
  • Inspired and the Sleep
  • Coyote Mike and the Wetbacks

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Band Spotlight - Mercedes Moore Band

6th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta

On this March 24, keep your agenda free for the 6th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta. The festival combines the best in today’s blues, rock ‘n’ roll and rock, and fine arts. “Changing Lives Through Music and Art” is not a mere slogan because the event will make a difference for both event attendees of this musical event and locals long after the event has ended.

The concert will take place right on the beach, at the El Cortez Hotel. If you want to see a show featuring 9 bands and as many as 40 artists, purchase the ticket in advance for $20, or at the door for $25. Go to for an online purchase. In addition to the music concert, the public will have access to around 40 booths presenting excellent pieces of fine art craftsmanship.

The San Felipe BC Lions Club ( and the Baja Good Life Club ( worked together with around 150 volunteers to make this festival possible. Their effort and dedication will allow blues lovers to see the incredible Mercedes Moore Band.

Nothing can describe the Mercedes Moore Band better than the laudatory remark of the San Diego Reader: "This is one hot singer! Blues Diva Mercedes Moore is burning down the blues clubs is Southern California!" Indeed, the popularity of the band made up of Scot Smart (guitar) John Simons (bass) Kurt Kalker (drums) and Mercedes Moore (vocals) will easily cross the border from San Diego to Baja California.

The music of the Mercedes Moore Band is reminiscent of the 50s and the 60s, and it is based on a harmonious combination of soul, blues and R ‘n’ B. A large share of the band’s popularity can be put down to the sultry and strong voice of the lead singer. The music of the Mercedes Moore Band is like a breath of air for the true music lover.

In case you were not able to see the band performing live during the San Diego Blues Festival, the 6th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta is a chance that should not be missed. Come to San Felipe on March 24 to get into the rhythm of blues music on a beautiful Baja beach, on the Sea of Cortez.

2012 Blues & Arts Fiesta Promotional Video

 San Felipe 6th Annual Blues & Arts Fiesta in San Felipe Baja California on Saturday March 24, at the El Cortez Hotel on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Please join us for our sixth year of raising money for those in need. An incredible weekend of world class blues bands, the regions top artists and good times of the beach of Baja.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Master Jose Benitez

Artisans of the Colony Wirrarikas Zitakua, Tepic, Nayarit. Art Work Yarn, Beads works, and more. All work style of the Master Jose Benitez, renowned artist and founder Wirrarika Zitakua colony.

More info contact Jose Enrique Lemus

Monday, February 20, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Nancy Murphy

Nancy Murphy is an artist who draws with fire. She uses gourds and leather as her canvas. She draws her original art directly on the gourd and uses a wood burner to make the drawing permanent. For pyrography on leather, Nancy draws her sketch on paper. After making a few guidelines on the leather she free hands the drawing with her wood burner using her sketch as a guide for shading.

Nancy has mastered the use of a wood burner to get fine detail and shading in her drawings. Some of her designs are enhanced with special inks, leather dyes, paint, stones and/or other mediums. Her gourds and leather designs range from Northwest and Southwest Indian designs to flowers, animals and people. She calls her artwork “Just Gourds and Hot Leather©”. Each gourd and leather is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Prices for her works range from $4 to $85 US dollars.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Artist Spotlight - R.P. Kidd

rns five closeup.jpg (85240 bytes)
By R.P. Kidd 2005

Our history is connected to the automobile, transforming society and commerce,
mingling our culture. Volumes of our history are linked to that car, a trusted partner in work
and adventure, the memory of a special night.

As an artist, R.P. Kidd travels extensively, armed always with sketch pad and camera,
to that he has added a generator, grinders and tools to bring home those classic parts as
frames for the art inspired by that vintage machine.

The art of Rust Never Sleeps has three forms:

1st An original pen and ink; based on field sketches and photos; to which watercolor is
cautiously added to accent the composition.

2nd A complete original watercolor which serves as the master for the 3rd form, S/N Giclee
prints, “cars have more than one door”.

The parts used as frames are selected and carefully trimmed to enhance composition
and minimize weight. The art is archivally mounted in plexiglass or sealed in resin for
commercial or gardenscape display. Often works are coustomized for the individual collector,
personalizing a particular R.N.S. to the client.

R.P. Kidd professional carrer of nearly 40 years has brought national recognition
awards and collectors, “The reward of art is not just sales but communication, it's success is in
the viewers reaction”. In Rust Never Sleeps R.P. Kidd has found a touchstone that reaches a
large and appreciative audience, his work evokes shared memories of people, places and eras.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Artist Spotlight - Vickie Rama

Vickie Rama 
Self taught crafter--I find it hard to call myself an "Artist". To me that word has always meant Years of being taught (by   another person ) to do something special with their hands and tools.  I owned a Ceramic Shop in Michigan for 5 years at the young age of 25. then a Porcelain Doll Shop for 25 years..I have done so many crafts over the years that I was shocked to discover that I could be a carver also..And I do love doing it.

I moved  to San Felipe in 07. And  have been craving Bone and Horn since  late 09..And it seems not to badly, because people are welling to purchase and wear some of my creations ..This year I will be trying to carve some wood also..." ART" I just do what I enjoy doing..and appriecate that others like it. thank you all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6th Annual San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta

6th Annual San Felipe Blues and Arts Fiesta
Will you be one of the lucky few to say you were there?

San Felipe, Baja California will be the backdrop of the highly prestigious Blues and Arts Fiesta. This is the event where music and art become one; and to make it even more appealing the concert will be on the beach by the Sea of Cortez, the most prominent symbol of the Baja Peninsula. San Felipe is a slow paced fishing town, but on Saturday, March 24, 2012, this is undoubtedly going to change.

The fiesta was created in the same spirit as the Woodstock and Monterey Pop Festivals, and the artists who will perform are comparable to the most celebrated blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and rock singers of the history. Apart from excellent music, the event features the best of Mexico’s craftsmen who will display the finest of their works on the 30 booths available for this occasion.

The mission of Blues and Arts Fiesta is “Changing Lives Through Music and Art”. As a result, the event will be a reason of joy not only for participants, but also for the deprived members of the community. All proceeds will be donated to local charities that rely on private donations to carry out their activity. Any person will automatically contribute to the cause by purchasing a ticket which costs $20 if paid in advance and $25 if purchased on location. Visit the official website of the event for tickets and travel information.

The location of the shows will be El Cortez Hotel, and the organizers are San Felipe BC Lions Club ( and Baja Good Life Club ( About 150 volunteers will put a lot of effort into bringing this incredible event to the public.

San Felipe BC Lions Club operates with the sole purpose of assisting the humanitarian needs of local organizations. Their members are totally dedicated to encouraging cooperation among citizens and unconditional compassion towards the less privileged.

The Baja Good Life Club provides a platform of interaction for those who want to turn Baja into their home. Members have access to products, services, and resources which turn every day into an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.