Friday, February 3, 2012

Artist Spotlight - R.P. Kidd

rns five closeup.jpg (85240 bytes)
By R.P. Kidd 2005

Our history is connected to the automobile, transforming society and commerce,
mingling our culture. Volumes of our history are linked to that car, a trusted partner in work
and adventure, the memory of a special night.

As an artist, R.P. Kidd travels extensively, armed always with sketch pad and camera,
to that he has added a generator, grinders and tools to bring home those classic parts as
frames for the art inspired by that vintage machine.

The art of Rust Never Sleeps has three forms:

1st An original pen and ink; based on field sketches and photos; to which watercolor is
cautiously added to accent the composition.

2nd A complete original watercolor which serves as the master for the 3rd form, S/N Giclee
prints, “cars have more than one door”.

The parts used as frames are selected and carefully trimmed to enhance composition
and minimize weight. The art is archivally mounted in plexiglass or sealed in resin for
commercial or gardenscape display. Often works are coustomized for the individual collector,
personalizing a particular R.N.S. to the client.

R.P. Kidd professional carrer of nearly 40 years has brought national recognition
awards and collectors, “The reward of art is not just sales but communication, it's success is in
the viewers reaction”. In Rust Never Sleeps R.P. Kidd has found a touchstone that reaches a
large and appreciative audience, his work evokes shared memories of people, places and eras.

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