Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Judi Anderson

Judi Anderson has been taking outdoor pictures for 30 years.  In the past she took pictures of old cabins, outhouses, mines, and mountains. Now she is focusing on the beauty of the Baja. Judi's business is called "Life's Treasures."

She says, "There are so many different ecosystems within 40 miles of SF.  It's amazing how versatile it is- waterfalls, creeks, mountains, beaches, and desert animals right in our backyards.  You just have to get out and go! I'm so enjoying it all in my new 'bumblebee' Jeep."

When not exploring, Judi also makes glass bead jewelry- mostly Swarvorsky crystal and vintage glass, is an avid reader, and enjoys her 5 grandchildren (all under 5 years old).

She packages her pictures with colorful mats that enhance every photo. The pictures are 8 x 10 and when matted fit into 11 x14 frames. 

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