Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Week's Featured Artist

Andrena Joyce - Acrylic PainterAndrena Joyce, a popular local artist, lives full time in San Felipe. She took up painting and now finds rarely a day goes by without picking up a brush. She says her style varies but definitely enjoys whimsy in her art. Joyce considers painting her form of therapy and supports organizations with profits. SFAR's (San Felipe Animal Rescue) ZAPP program (spay and neutering San Felipes street dogs) and Women to Women International are current recipients. "Having a purpose to paint makes it just more meaningful to me", says Joyce.Email:

Arturo Gomez – Paintings, Tiles, Custom MuralsArturo Gomez has been producing art in San Felipe for many years. His art reflects the flavor of Baja in a variety of mediums but his true love is painting. Paintings of downtown San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez allow our Baja visitors to take a piece of their travel experience home with them. On most Saturdays, Arturo and his work can be found at the Cachinilla Swap Meet. His work can be found in many of the shops downtown and he paints custom designed murals in homes.

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