Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Week's Featured Artists: Band It & Sea of Cortez Salt

Marianne Clagett owner of Band It has been involved in sewing or crafting most her life. Her primary focus this year is producing many styles of hats from the oversized sun hat to the fun Newsboy style cap. If color is your thing, she has something for you. As she has always loved hats, and embellished them with flowers to give the appearance of a balanced head on a tall frame. A few years ago, she turned her love of adorning hats into a wearable art. Her colorful handmade fabric hat bands and cap bands with a tissue paper flower are removable and interchangeable giving the option to satisfy any mood. You can see a sampling of the many hats and colors at her website. Appointments for private showings are also available. U.S. cell: 530-613-6687 or Mex cell:686-123-5147.


Sea of Cortez Salt
Congratulations! - You have just stumbled onto a fantastic discovery. Not since Columbus have you had such a flavorful reason to jump off that same old salt boat and run to the sandy beaches of Baja. Here you'll find healthy gourmet sea salt, rich with the treasures of flavor and essential trace elements. The Baja method of harvesting Sea of Cortez Sea Salt significantly increases the essential trace elements and produces a lower sodium sea salt. Phone: US Cell: 530-613-6687 - Mex Cell: (044) 686-150-4765

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