Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Blues in San Felipe

By Carla White

The 2010 International Blues & Arts Festival is coming up on Saturday, March 27, in San Felipe. Sponsored by Mexico Living, Tecate and the San Felipe Lions Club, the event will be held at the baseball stadium, and, if last year’s concert was any indication, this open-air fiesta will be the hottest ticket in Baja.


Note: This article was based on information and the experience of the author during the 2009 Blues & Arts Fiesta. The Lions Club of San Felipe is no longer hosting the Flying Samaritan's medical trips, however the Lions Club still support the Flying Samaritans by their use of the Lion's Club slit eye lamp, bedding and distributing of eye glasses donated to the Lions club. 

Visit the Blues & Arts website for more information.

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