Saturday, February 6, 2010

San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta History

The Lions Club of San Felipe has been the promoter of this event for the past three years. Their goal has been to make the Fiesta a first class occasion for our communities’ pleasure and also to attract tourists to our town.

It was the desire of the Club to raise significant amounts of money for local charities, especially The Sonshine Hacienda. At present this project is nearing completion and will soon be home to children who need shelter because of family circumstances.

Because of the success of the Blues and Arts Fiesta in the past, the Lions Club of San Felipe has chosen to be further committed to make this an annual event and to showcase music and art talent in a beautiful venue by the sea. With a steadfast advertising campaign, the Lions Club of San Felipe anticipates robust crowds every year forward.

Historically the Fiesta has been host to world famous Blues bands and quality artists that provide entertainment at a reasonable price. Artists have successful sold their works and participants have enjoyed a taste of the local culinary fare.

The Lions Club of San Felipe has been very successful at providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the Fiesta. The outdoor stadium is the place where one can relax in their chairs and listen to Blues Music long into the night. Most guests spend the entire day. For convenience, there are a number of portable, clean bathrooms and hardly any waiting time to get to them.

The Fiesta is a colossal financial undertaking and could not be possible without sponsorship from individuals and businesses and the many volunteers that help; before, during and after the event.

The Lions Club of San Felipe has donated thousands of dollars to charities from the revenue that the Fiesta generates.

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