Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Featured Artist:: Melody Ashley Art

Melody’s favorite art has always been the creating of a beautiful yard.
After nine years in the landscape business Melody became interested in metal “garden art.”  She sold her company and began to design and have made wonderful forms that decorate homes and businesses from coast to coast in the United States.
When Melody decided to move to San Felipe in 2000, she began to teach herself how to make her own metal and tile art.  Durning this same time, she also built several homes in San Felipe, including the first tire house in town, all of which have been on the SFARP tour of home.
Over the years Melody has become better at her art and has enjoyed many happy customers.Visit Melody’s web site for information on the classes she teaches each spring here in San Felipe.

Melody’s art is also displayed in several galleries on the Oregon Coast.
web site: or just Google: Melody Ashley Art

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