Monday, March 7, 2011

Laila Naime Handmade Jewelry Designs

Laila Naime Handmade Jewelry Designs

Born in Mexico City then moving to Ensenada Baja California to finish her Oceanography studies at UABC. Since early ages she was attracted to handcrafts and artistic expressions. So at the age of 12 began to play with some copper wire and it was the beginning of an artistic career. She had exposed and sold her jewelry in San Diego, Ensenada and San Felipe. Her designs reflect your inner beauty.
Each piece of jewelry is a piece of art just for you. Materials include sea shells, seeds, crystals, copper, aluminum, abalone shells, and semi-precious stones. You can be certain that every piece is a
unique piece of art.

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candeechee said...

She is an amazing and creative artist. Every piece is not only just made of quality materials, but has a unique design handcrafted and fitted to ensure your piece is your own. I fell in love with my hand bracelet. Much love and great vibes!