Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Artist of 2012

Juan Silva
Juan Silva was born in Tapic, Nyarit, north of Gadalajara Mxico. He learned the art of Tablas Votivas from his mother´s people the Hichol Indians. His abilities to depict the traditional tribal themes were soon recognized. In 1976 he moved to Baja California were his traditional works soon came into demand. The enhancement of the ancient art form of the Huichol Indian portraying new objects has caught the eyes of many art admirers. Juan Silva lives and works in Rosarito Beach. silvasarteycolor1@hotmail.com & www.juansilva.com.mx

BAJA BEAUTY are two women laughing, lounging and living in Beautiful San Felipe Baja Mexico. Janet & Jeanene create an all natural youthful skin care cream; design fun t-shirts silk screened locally; and design and create beautiful one-of-a-kind jackets, coats and vests with colorful Mexican blankets. We can be found at the weekly El Dorado Ranch Swap Meet or call Jeanene @ 686-186-0038 or email nenaone@gmail.com. Janet @ 686-105-7019 or email jzeller108@earthlink.net

Jose Rascon
Jose Rascon has become a craftsman in making mosaic tables and pictures. His quality of work is out standing because of the pride he take in each piece he works on. Jose offers a wide choice of design, colors, and custom work. See his works on Face book--Mosaics by Jose. To contact Jose please call his cell 044 686 228 2194, home 686 576 0310 or email rfbhf@yahoo.com.

Suzie & Marylou
Suzie and Marylou are using cloth, paper and paint to create an assortment of Eclectic Art using the intense colors and feelings they find here in San Felipe. Adding together their years living here in San Felipe, it comes to half a century of watching this town change, renewing their impressions and their work.

Scott Kennedy
World wide acclaimed marine artist, Scott Kennedy works out of his studio in Punta Banda where he has now turned his attention to the colors and rhythm of Baja. His paintings on location always seek to capture the essence of the scene he is painting. He also plans on gathering more of Mexico’s nature’s soul and culture and delivering it the way he knows best... on canvas. Scott is also working on a book featuring his works on Newport Beach, CA. For more information about Scott, please visit his website at www.scottkennedy.com. You can also befriend him on Facebook under ScottKennedyart

Vickie Silva
Baja Glitz, Unique Wearable Art, is featuring one of a kind handcrafted works of art you can wear, including clothing, handbags, sunglasses, hats all for the ladies who like to sparkle. Designed, crafted and hand-signed by artist Vickie Silva, these one-of-a-kind works incorporate vintage and contemporary pieces of fabrics, jewelry, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver findings, glass beads, wood beads, sea shells and more. Vickie Silva vicirae99@yahoo.com

Vickie Rama
Vickie Rama is a self taught crafter--I find it hard to call myself an “Artist”. To me that word has always meant Years of being taught (by another person ) to do something special with their hands and tools. I owned a Ceramic Shop in Michigan for 5 years at the young age of 25. then a Porcelain Doll Shop for 25 years..I have done so many crafts over the years that I was shocked to discover that I could be a carver also..And I do love doing it.

Nancy Murphy
Nancy Murphy is an artist who draws with fire. She uses gourds and leather as her canvas. She draws her original art directly on the gourd and uses a wood burner to make the drawing permanent. For pyrography on leather, Nancy draws her sketch on paper. After making a few guidelines on the leather she free hands the drawing with her wood burner using her sketch as a guide for shading.

Steve Sherrod
Steve Sherrod aka Iron Man Steve, is a financial advisor by profession. He lives and works full time in San Felipe with clients around the world. He has always loved to work with his hands and create and build things of his own design. His iron work started as a hobby and a wonderful mental break from the financial world. During the last year, he has also taught welding and iron work to participants in Desert Mothers’ Work Shops.As with many artist’s media, the iron seems to play a part in what the final result is but the original design resides in the mind of the artist or the person he builds the custom work for. Let him create some work that is a reflection of YOU; phone: 686-576-0034 or email: sjs497@aol.com.

Marianne Clagett
Band It - Marianne Clagett lives year round in San Felipe since moving here from Auburn, CA. She resides in El Dorado Ranch where she works on her sewing and crafting, a lifelong passion. On the prompting of two friends in Baja, Bandits themselves, she began “Band It”, a unique approach to hat bands to adorn straw and oversized hats. This success prompted her to expand her creativity to lightweight reversible sun hats...and as they say, “the rest is history!” Looking for one of a kind, hand made accessories? “Band It” products now include fully custom reversible vests, hats, reversible adjustable sun/golf visors and exciting line of sun dresses designed to complement the easy lifestyle of the Baja!

Baja Chocolate Lovers
Baja Chocolate Lovers of San Felipe has literally made grown folks weep when they have run out of its delectable treats. Endless testimonials tell tales of souls willing to give everything they have to taste one more piece of cake, chocolate gelato, orange truffle, or strawberry chocolate bar. These chocolateirs have made this business a must see stop in San Felipe. They entice customers with an endless list of treats that simply can’t be found anywhere else in Baja. They are masters at what they do and lovingly spread the sweetness around. They are located on Hwy #5 to San Felipe KM 180. bajachocolatelovers@yahoo.com, 928-785-2823 U.S.or 686-167-0716.

Judi Anderson
Judi Anderson has been taking outdoor pictures for 30 years. She says, “There are so many different ecosystems within 40 miles of SF. It’s amazing how versatile it is- waterfalls, creeks, mountains, beaches, and desert animals right in our backyards. “You just have to get out and go!” She packages her pictures with colorful mats that enhance every photo. The pictures are 8 x 10 and when matted fit into 11 x14 frames. Judi’s business is called “Life’s Treasures.”

R.P. Kidd
R.P. Kidd professional carrer of nearly 40 years has brought national recognition awards and collectors, “The reward of art is not just sales but communication, it’s success is in the viewers reaction”. In Rust Never Sleeps R.P. Kidd has found a touchstone that reaches a large and appreciative audience, his work evokes shared memories of people, places and eras. RUST NEVER SLEEPS.
Liane Barton has been spending her winters in San Felipe for 15 years. She specializes in top of the line Navajo Jewelry and leather bags. She has sterling silver with various stones in rings, necklaces, earrings and so much more Liane belongs to numerous Craft and Vendors Shows in the United States. Enjoy your visit in San Felipe. We hope to see you at our booth during the Blues and Arts Fiesta. sonnenschein1937@aol.com.

Marilynn Pardee
Marilynn Pardee moved to San Felipe from San Francisco in March of 2009. She had a clothing line PARDEE in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, which was carried in fashion-forward boutiques and prestigious stores throughout the United States. It was during that time that she began experimenting with layering colors using various spray techniques. San Felipe has perfect combination of space, inspiration and supportive people to prove that you can continue to pursue your passion. Thank you, thank you people of San Felipe! marilynn415@yahoo.com

Merkel McLendon
Merkel McLendon doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t feel driven to create art. He expressed himself through ceramics, oil painting and now found objects. As he finds his way in the world now, the items he stumbles upon become inspiring puzzle pieces spread across a congested table waiting to be placed together, to be a part of something. His oil paintings are a reflection of his childhood days, where the simple surroundings were miles of tailing fields and low flat mesas. This vastness of space made a great background for his surrealistic paintings.

Luis Cogley
Life and art join in a dynamic partnership as Luis Cogley portrays his continual Marvel of Life in joyful and animated multidimensional creations. Since his first years of life, he showed special interest in art. A vast audience, including sophisticated art collectors from different Parts of the world make Luis Cogley’s work a part of their homes, businesses and estates. The inspiration for great art, it is said comes from the heart. For Luis Cogley the inspiration comes from the soul.

Melody Ashley
Melody’s favorite art has always been the creating of a beautiful yard.After nine years in the landscape business Melody became interested in metal “garden art.”  She sold her company and began to design and have made wonderful forms that decorate homes and businesses from coast to coast in the United States. When Melody decided to move to San Felipe in 2000, she began to teach herself how to make her own metal and tile art.  Durning this same time, she also built several homes in San Felipe, including the first tire house in town, all of which have been on the AARP tour of home. Over the years Melody has become better at her art and has enjoyed many happy customers. Visit Melody’s web site for information on the classes she teaches each spring here in San Felipe. Melody’s art is also displayed in several galleries on the Oregon Coast. web site: www.florenceastists.com/melodyashley.html or just Google: Melody Ashley Art

Arturo Gomez
Arturo Gomez has been painting for 35 years. He is a second generation artist. He uses many mediums such as water colors, acrylic, oil. Although you can find his art on canvas, his work can also be found on clay tiles, ceramics, wood and mirrors. Arturo is also well known for his beautiful wall murals that decorate many homes in San Felipe.Trained by his father, Master Artist Juan Gomez.

Desert Mothers
Desert Mothers builds bridges between the Mexican women and the foreign communities. We provide a Art facility where everyone can develop and learn artistic skills. Desert Mothers provides a means for women to build self esteem, respect, and help their children know they too can become successful and to encourage them to become involved with in their own community. Please don’t hesitate to contact Donna Roberts at bajadonna@gmail.com

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