Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspired and the Sleep

Inspired and the Sleep is an Blues-Motown-R&B band from North County San Diego. This three piece, composed of beach lifeguard coworkers, plays shows all around San Diego, LA and everything in between. Hayden Stewart (drummer), Max Greenhalgh (bassist/vocal), and Bryce Outcault (guitarist) have been playing the SoCal scene for the past 2 years. The group's inspiration comes from artists such as Al Green, Otis Redding, and even The Backwater Blues Band. Tom Stewart, drummer and head of The Backwater Blues Band, and Hayden Stewart's father, has provided a noticeable amount input and advice to Inspired and the Sleep set. They have even sat in on BWBB gigs.

 All the members are full-time students; however, they find time to perform a variety of shows like open mics, festivals, bars, houses, grand openings, college shows, and so on... The variety in gigs reflects on the member's variety in personalities. If one was to ever spot the them during rehearsal, you would notice the relationship between one another is almost strictly satirical and sarcastic. Nevertheless, they are good friends who use this mix of disposition to season their Blues/Rock/R&B sound with a hint of "alternative".

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